Digital Marketing

Connect and engage with your audience across all Social Media Platforms.


It’s not always all about you. Your customers’ perceptions and opinions of you are what matter.

By truly understanding your clients, you’ll be able to provide them with the service they deserve, not just the one they’ll expect

We can research your existing customer base or investigate new markets. Don’t rest on your laurels; there are legions of potential clients just waiting to hear all about you and our experienced team are on hand to help develop the perfect strategy for your business.

From the very begining we’ll outline and plan how your website will work – we believe full and thorough planning is the key to any website’s success.

Placing adverts in publications can be expensive but if you’ve got something to shout about, then getting published can be much easier. We know what people like to read about, so why not let us tell your story and use our connections in the press to get your message heard.

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss; regular blogging and keeping Twitter tweeting can be all it takes.

At Logic Design we’re not blowing our trumpet, we’re blowing yours instead.



Keeping consumers’ up-to date with your latest promotions and news is not a one-off job

We take time to learn about your business, talk to you and conduct research to help us create a campaign that will keep a message alive.

We’re a personal agency and believe relationships are the key to successful marketing. Working with your dedicated designer, you’ll be able to forge a great bond as well as a successful advertising campaign.

We’ll provide in-depth analytics you’ll understand, keeping you in tune with customers.

Marketing can be tough to budget for but with our fixed price campaigns, it’s a breeze.


Don’t assume that everyone will understand the inner workings of your business, getting in the shoes of your customer to find a common language is essential.

If you’re looking to inject flavour into your content without the additives of a microwave mac and cheese, then let Logic Design give your profile a detox.

The power of online content should not be underestimated as search engines will be reading it too. Keeping the balance between keyword-rich, search engine friendly content whilst ensuring it remains engaging is something we’ve finely tuned.


In just a few seconds, you can reach thousands of new and existing customers with information, promotions and offers to capture their interest. So why not give email marketing a try?

Our design team will give your email campaigns life and reinforce your company’s brand and ethos. And when your email packs a visual punch, it’s more likely to engage the reader.

We’ll help you communicate with your audience whilst our powerful software not only removes all stress in sending a campaign, it also integrates seamlessly with social networks such Facebook and Twitter whilst providing you accurate analytics so you can monitor your campaign in real-time.


Let Logic Design take away the stress of running regular advertising campaigns by becoming your very own Marketing and PR team (for a fraction of the cost).

Our support packages allow us to work with you on regular marking activities from strategic emailing to national PR campaigns. Advertising should be a constant that pushes your brand and entices your customers; Keep your marketing from becoming an erratic, adhoc task and let Logic Design help arrange your campaigns without disrupting your daily workflow.

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