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We are a custom web and mobile development firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia that offers full cycle web and mobile app development services to a wide range of industries and businesses. Established in 2011 by an ex-Silicon Valley’s tech savvy, our team of software experts are dedicated to develop intuitive and high-quality applications, using the most advanced technologies.


We help individuals and corporates in almost every sector establish great brands by creating engaging experiences for consumers wherever they live in the digital world. Using technology as the lever to establish these experiences, we constantly innovate in our labs while building groundbreaking solutions.



We’re professional but we’re approachable too – expect to work with creative people with open minds and the ability to bring your ideas to life. Our greatest has always been making unique digital solutions work for our clients.


So whether you need a website development that exceeds expectations, an eCommerce portal or expert advice to help you create and pursue a winning strategy, we’d love to hear from you. We work from Monday to Friday, 08.30 to 18.30.


We adapt a proven agile methodology that endorses development iteration throughout the life-cycle

and minimize project risk and development time.

  • 01 IDEA

    No matter wherever you are, to start with, our team studies your requirement and defines your idea or concept, and decides technology tools to be used.

  • 02 DESIGN

    We analyze your requirement and gradually design your applications in a series of milestones to create working prototype. Your feedback at the end of each iteration helps to reduce project development time.

  • 03 DEVELOP

    Due to changing in requirement over time, we constantly refactor the code and architecture during development to optimize and update the software's internal structure.

  • 04 TESTING

    At each iteration, our continuous testing deterministically assesses the progress and prevents error, also decreasing the risk of failure late in the project development cycle.

  • 05 LAUNCH

    Throughout the entire process, our team plans, test and delivers the daily status of the application. We will deploy it when all the modules pass the test and the customer accept it.

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